Monday, November 3, 2008

November Already!!

I have been busy knitting. Knitting just about anything. I have been working on a 'Shrug', and it was from a pattern that really did not offer specifics on how much yarn it requires. So I get quite a bit done, and start making the other end, well, I have the other end done and have a tennis ball size of yarn 'left over' which I could have used in the back portion of the shrug. Now I am contemplating ripping the 6 1/2 inches of the other end off and working most of the tennis ball sizre of yarn into the shrug just so I am sure that the shrug will cover the cleavage nicely instead of making it look like a push up bra. I know I will frogg. I just don't want to do it. LOL I have people on Ravelry waiting for me to post specifics IE How muych yarn, guage, the fit. maesurements Etc. so I don't want to make them wait anymore, but I know if I leave it the way it is right now, I won't wear it anyway. so soon I will be hearing 'TINK, Tink, Tink' yippee.

Also I am working on 10 coffee cup cozies and mug rug sets for my husbands office workers for Christmas. I have Half of them done so far. I am using the 'teeny coaster' pattern from ravelry and also the mug cozy pattern from there.

To top this all off, I am trying to make a sweater set for a set of twins due in Dec or Jan ( I can't remember exactly when they are to arrive) I found a new bootie pattern on Ravelry seemless made from the cuff down, so I will be trying that pattern ( It was just posted on Nov 1st) and I need to make little hats to go also. I am using Bernat Super Value with Improved Softness ( and it IS soft!) in a white and gray twist colorway. #53043 There is no 'name' for this color on the label. I have one sweater done, with the exception of having to add 2 or three buttons to it yet. The second sweater already has the collar and sleeves done and I am working on the back today. I will try to locate the name of the pattern and post it here next visit.

With the change of seasons here, I have made banana bread, Beer bread, 2 loaves of regular white bread, pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and I am going to try to get some app[le pies made today. Just not enough hours in the day!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome JULY!!!!

Zowie summer is going by FAST!

The husband ( who will now be referred to as Angus for now on in my blog) Surprised me on Friday. Angus was up and out of the house early. By the time I got up, I realized he had already left for work. So, I snuggled up on the couch with a book and settled in. I got about 2 pages read, when I head a small motor pull up and shut off. There was Angus at the door. He said I had 3 minutes to get dressed to go. Well, that is all I needed to hear. I ran upstairs, brushed my hair, threw on some Capri's a T-shirt, gathered my knitting and the book I had been reading. When Angus looked at me and said "Oh, you can't take that' of course I scoffed ( I never go anywhere without the knitting! However, I decided to buck up and listen ( for a change) and left it all on the table. Walked out on the porch and saw a motorcycle on the street.

I can not express how excited I was to get back on a motorcycle. We climbed on and took off. After awhile, we stopped at a diner and had a nice breakfast. Returned the motorcycle to its owner ( Owen) Then picked up our wheels with the top off and went to check on our other vehicle at the shop.......Little did i know it was all part of a master plan to whisk me away the entire day for our 15 Wedding Anniversary! When we got to the shop, there on top of our other vehicle was a Kayak!!!!!!!!!!! we loaded her up on my vehicle and went out to the reservoir and spent the rest of the morning paddling, relaxing & talking WITHOUT KIDS OR ANY INTERRUPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was complete bliss.

After lugging the Kayak back to it's proper owners, Angus then took me to my LYS and I spent almost an hour shopping. LYS= Local Yarn Store I had received a gift card for Christmas, so this was the perfect opportunity to shop and not have it affect my bank account!!

We had an amazing day together, I am so touched that he would take the time out of his busy life to spend a entire day with JUST me. Who knew. I guess they are right. All things ARE possible.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Knitting, Painting Nails & Baseball

Knitting: Have 6 baby hats done and 3 booties. So, If anyone knows of a 3 legged baby out there let me know, otherwise I know what I am casting on this afternoon.

Still have the Mohair diagonal scarf on the needles. Not a big fan of the yarn. Makes my nose itch.

Also have "The Mikey Hat' on the needles ( this looks liks a cabbie hat just incase you give a shit) Have been leaving this on at the bottom of the bag due to the recent high tempratures, but just occured to me that I could finish it and give it to Dh for his birthday in August.

Next to cast will be the LionBrand Leaf Green Shrug. But making this for my tiny daughter, so will need to swatch and work with the pattern a bit to make it work.

Painting Nails: Ok, my fingernails WERE beautiful, but then they hit the skids in a BIG way. SO last night I looked down and realized that they are all with tiny white cresent moons on them. Time to PAINT!!! So I pull out my #66 Pink Pop from MILANI and go to town. They look smashing!! The toes, which were done almost 2 months ago with Pyramid Passion Milani look almost as good as the day I did them! Got to love that polish. Time to schedule a pedicure at the Spa. Nope, I don't have the $$. But I do have a gift card I got for my birthday.

Baseball: Ok, today starts the tournament. Everyday from Now until Monday will have AT LEAST on baseball game. ugh. Good thing I don't have a social life. This however, gives me plenty of time to make more baby booties so I don't have to look for a 3 legged baby.

SEX/SWINGING: No parties on the horizon ( that I know of) Finally spent the entire night in my own bed ( snoring issue) after a fantastic encounter with my man. Today is the first morning I woke not feeling like I needed more sleep. Swingtown TV. The show keeps getting better and better. I love how htey are showing the couple getting closer.

Now, go knit or have fantastic sex. You decide!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Contest at The Knitting Wildflower!

Wow, she is celebrating her 1 year anniversary with a contest!! And the prize?/ let's just say a sock knitter, ( Or WANNA BE sock knitter's) DREAM!!

Here it is :

I have been trying socks for about 3 months. Not going so well for me. Just is a 'mental block' I am sure. But it is frustrating. Oh, I can get the cuff done and start down the heel.Then I am lost LOL. Not much use in a sock that has no heel.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back to knitting

Ok, I could not go yet another day with out updating this blog. I actually forget about having it.

I have been busy making baby hats. I am now involved with another woman who together, her and I, are making baby hats, booties, burial gowns, and Chemo hats for the patients of Hershey Medical Center in Hershey Pa. I am always knitting. I think it is keeping me sane on some days. So why not have someone else benefit from it?? I have only ever sold one thing. Everythign else I have ever made I have given away. Selling it ( at least for me) takes all the fun out and puts pressure in.

I want to knit for my family. However, my family thinks I am insane for knitting all the time. They just don't understand the zen like feeling you get from creating something beautiful. Their loss.

Yesterday I tookthe kids to the community pool, and while they were busy frolicking , I finished 2 more baby hats. My partner in the Hershey undertaking has gone away for the summer, and will not return until September. She knits and crochets FAST. So I need to be busy everyday so I have a good stock pile of 'donateables' ready when she returns. I just don't want her to feel like she is doing all the work.

This week? Well, yesterday was the only day this week ( this includes until next Monday) that I was 'free from baseball' and what did I do? I worked the concession stand at the baseball field for 5 hours. I am not complaining, I actually enjoyed doing it. This leads me to today. I will have at Least one baseball game everyday fromnow till next week. You know what that means right???

btw: I have found a contest on a fantastic blog that you MUST subscribe to. It is full of beautiful knitting and fun bantering. here is a link:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I do NOT want to buy a damn 4 wheeler!

Cripes! My oldest is turning 16 in a few days. His father told him to come up with a way to get 1/2 the money, and we would give him the other half for his birthday. To this I say WTF???!!!! a $900.00 birthday gift. No FRICKEN WAY!! Of course, That is what I feel, but no one wants to hear this, and thus I have to keep my mouth shut. I think the father is thinking of this as , "Awe, to bad your life growing up wasn't as great as it could have been....Here , let my buy you some love and compassion" This is one of the WORST ideas I have heard in a long time. Why the kid just doesn't save up money until next year, or maybe even over the summer so he can buy a car for himself is beyond me. The only money he saved last year is because we MADE him put part of his check into the bank. This kid is no way ready for this kind of responsibility. He sill EXPECTS everything to just fall into his lap.

I hate the summer.

Not sure where the begining of 'loosing control of my life' is, but boy did I screw myself.
No wonder I try to escape.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Been gone for WAY to long.

Well, Since last year I have dropped the crochet hooks and picked up knittign needles. I am quite good at it too. Which thrills me because I got a handful of my grandmothers needles from my mom. How cool is that? Although it is like any other addiction. I can seem to get enough yarn or needles. But, I am keeping my clothes on in front of strangers LOL , So like most things....There is give and take LOL.

Thinks on the personal front are very well. I am still 'locked out' of my husbands computer account. But I know the real reason is because he is CERTAIN that I will ruin his computer. Oy Vay. But I can respect his fear, so I just plod on under my own username, however I have to get in there and retreive my files and pics.

Have been thinking of getting new ink....and i am very close to coming up with the final design. I am struggling over wether or ot to put actual names in there or just abreviations. I am under no time constraint, so I can think about it until the clear answer appears.